This is a rare sample of Sheikh Saif bin Hamad Al-Ateeqi’s handwriting. It is from the last page of the manuscript “Daleel Al-Nasik Li’ahkam Al-Manasik” (The Worshipers Guide for rules of conducting Hajj and Omra) originally authored by Sheikh Abi Nami ibn Oreeni Al-Tamimi the Hanbali scholar. Sheikh Saif copied this book with his beautiful handwriting in 1166AH on the 28th of the holy month of Ramadan (29 July 1753). This was then transferred to the ownership of his son Sheikh Saleh bin Saif Al-Ateeqi and then owned by Othman Jarallah Hamad in 1223AH (1808AD). This Book is one of the important books that explain the rules of conducting Hajj and Omra for the four Islamic Schools of thought and was praised by many. Amongst those who praised this book is Sheikh Ahmed Abdulrahman Al-Sideeqi Al-Hasan (of the Malki School), may Allah have mercy on all their Souls