In the name of Allah the Most Merciful.Blessings and congratulation to the AlAteeqi Family for this beautiful and great site with regards to its contents, look, and meaning. For a site that aims at uniting this noble family’s kith and kinship. This noble family with its deep and continuous history of men of Science, Scholars, Judges, and Thinkers who illuminated  paths that benefited generations within the Arabian peninsula wherever they were. How could this not be and their great grandfather is the honorable Abu Baker AlSiddeeq the Prophet of Allah’s closest companion and first Caliph of Muslims that the Umma depended on after our Leader and Imam the Prophet of Allah may Allah’s blessings and mercy be upon him and his family.

Therefore this noble family’s history is an Islamic inheritance and its documentation an obligation in order to inform and preserve for the Islamic Nation.

Wishing you a blessed kith and kinship, and continuing with you through love and friendship.

“AlShareef” Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Hussain 

Note: AlShareef Abdulah is a Schalor from the house of Hussain the son of Imam Ali may Allah be Pleased with him, the first cousin of the prophet Mohammed may Allah’s blessings be upon him from the Hashemite Branch of the Quraish Tribe.

He is also the founder of the charity organization titled “Mabarrat Alsada AlAshraf” and founder of the web forum for the noble Hashemite branch from the Quraish tribe