In the name of Allah the Most Merciful.Blessings and Congratulations for this blessed  site that is an important addition to the information and internet world for what it contains of important and  valuable information. This is expected from a family with this much historic and scientific reach in the Arabian Peninsula, and not unexpected since the AlAteeqi’s are an extension from Abu Baker Al-Siddeeq of the Taimi branch of the Quraish tribe, the companion of the Prophet peace be upon him and his family, and the first Caliph.

     The bibliographies and history books are heavy with many from the house of Al-Siddeeq may Allah be pleased with them. For example his immediate sons and grandsons from Abdullah bin Abu Baker and AlQasem bin Mohammed and the sons of AlJawzi and sons of Alwardi and many others east and west of the land to the Al-Ateeqi family.

Wishing you all the success, and may the sons and grandsons follow the paths of the grandfathers.

Your brother “AlShareef” Abu Abdulmuhsin Hatem bin Ahmad AlAbbassi

11 October 2008

Note: “AlShareef” Hatem bin Ahmad AlAbbassi is a scholar, historian, and prominent figure from the house of Al-Abbass the prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him’s Uncle from the Hashemite house of the Quraish tribe. Of the many books he authored is his book “Alqawl Alsadeed fe Thurayat Khalifat Rasool Allah Salla Allah Alayh wa Alih wa Salam Abi Baker AlSaddeeq” (a scholarly work about the lineage and descendents of the first Calipha “AlAteeq” Abu Baker “AlSaddeeq”). “AlShareef” Ahmad AlAbbassi  also runs the website