The Al-Ateeqi family also sometimes spelled as Al-Atiqi or Al-Atiki, is a noble family with a long tradition of leadership in Islam, Science, Politics, Business and other related fields. Often these titles were held simultaneously  by family leaders as clearly evident within the family history and the well documented biographies of these Scholar Sheikhs.

From the Area of “Sudair” in the “Najd” region of what is now Saudi Arabia where the family owned large properties and some of the best agricultural land  (in towns such as  “Majma’a”, “Harma”, “Jalajel” and others) the  Al-Ateeqi Family Head at the time Sheikh Saif bin Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Ateeqi (1189 H/ 1775 D)  moved to Kuwait with most of his sons. He was a scholar of the Hanbali school of Islam and became one of its Scientists and Imams, leading prayers at the Sulaimiya Mosque in Harma. There he had established the first public school and Library and endowed them with productive palm tree’s and a residential property the earnings of which are charity to serve the financial needs of these establishments. Some of the most famous properties in that region currently still under the family Ownership are the Islamic charity endowments (Awqaf) known as the “AlFarhania” and “AlTuraifia” farms.

The Al-Atiqi family’s genealogical lineage goes back to “Al-Atiq” “Abo-Baker” “Al-Sidiq” may Allah be pleased with him, from the Quraish Tribe; The Prophet Mohammed’s (Allah praise be upon him) closest companion and first Caliph of the Islamic world. Well Known by the above titles his real name was Abdulla bin Abi-Quhafa from the “Taim” branch of Quraish. Abu Baker’s grandsons had lived in the Madina (Al-Madina Al-Munawara) prior to migrations to many parts of the Islamic world. Most famous amongst them at his time was Al-Qasim Bin Mohammed Bin Abu-Baker one of the seven Scholars of the Madina. Also amongst Abu-Bakers grandsons are those from his son Abdulrahman Bin Abu-Baker, and from him is Mohammed known as Abu Ateeq. Abu Ateeq’s son Abdullah was one of the known Islamic “Hadeeth” narrators, and his son Mohammed also narrated Islamic “Hadeeth”. Abdullah was known as Ibn Abi Ateeq in attribution to his father and likewise his son in attribution to his grandfather. Abi Ateeq’s Lineage later became known as AlAteeqi as described by Alsam’ani (1166 D / 562 H), other members of Al-Ateeq Abu-Baker Al-Sadeeq’s lineage also adopted the Surname Al-Ateeqi.

AlAteeq Abu Baker AlSideeq

(Understanding the title Ateeq)

Aisha (Abu Baker’s daughter, and wife of the Prophet Mohammed Allah’s praise be upon him) may Allah be pleased with her, said: Abu Baker had went to the Prophet and upon entering was told, you are Allah’s Ateeq (freed/exempt) from the hell fire, and since then he was called Ateeq.

Allaith bin Sa’d said: Abu Baker was named Ateeq (having a handsome face) due to the beauty of his face, and his name was Abdullah bin Othman.

Amro bin Ali said: Abu Baker had an “Ateeq” (handsome) face, and was named Ateeq due to the handsomeness of his face, and his name was Abdulla bin Othman, and it is narrated that the Prophet Allah’s praise be upon him; named him Ateeq (freed/exempt) from the hell fire.

(page 25 from the book, The Life of The Greatest Man After the Prophets and Messengers Abu Baker AlSideeq, by Mohammed Othman AlAnjiry)

Hisham bin Amro ibin AlZubair ibin AlAwam from his father Orwa said AlZubair used to bounce me on his legs as a child and say (as one would playfully nursery rhyme to children):


“Look from the house of the Ateeq

Blessed from the sons of AlSideeq

I love him as I love my “reeqy”

(“reeqy”- one’s salivation, metaphor for one’s sense of taste)


He referred to him as being of the house of  Abi Ateeq because Asmaa the mother of Orwa is the daughter of Abu Baker AlAteeq AlSideeq may Allah be pleased with him

Abdullah bin AlZubair said: Abu Baker’s name was Abdullah bin Othman and then the Prophet Allah’s praise be upon him called him Ateeq (freed/ exempt) from the hell fire


– Ateeq – as used in the Above narrations shows that both definitions of the word were intended by different people to refer to Al-Ateeq Abu Baker Al-Sideeq. First of all Ateeq  means “freed/exempt” with reference to his being declared by the Prophet (Apbh) as exempt from the hell fire. Secondly the term Ateeq was used with regards to his handsome (beautiful) face.

– Titles and labels in Arabic allow one to be referred to as “bin” son of, or “Abu” father of, or by their famous nickname, and furthermore sometimes aliases such as “Abu” (father of) become so attached to a person even prior to his conceiving a son that it remains in use even if he never conceives a son or even names his son a different name.
For example the first Caliph’s name is actually Abdulla son of  Othman  yet he is simultaneously known as:

Alateeq (the exempt from hell or handsome) and AlSideeq (the Believer, as his faith alone is said to equal the faith of the entire nation) and Abu Baker and ibin abi Quhafa (the son of the father of Quhafa) Abi Quhafa being one of his father’s (Othman) titles.

The title Alateeqi like many other family titles that gain popularity is now in use by some families with different lineages but almost always written or stated followed by a declaration of that families own tribal or tribe branch lineage to avoid confusion. So titles in this manner are followed by titles of the deeper root lineage to preserve historic affiliations.




1. In the book “AlMa’aref” by Ibn Qutaiba Abi Mohammed Abdullah bin Muslim, whom passed Away in 276 A.H. revised by Dr. Thawrat Akasha, page 174 in the fourth edition: “As for Mohammed Abdulrahman, amongst his sons where, Abdullah Mohammed, and from his lineage a group named Al Abi Ateeq from the sons (grandsons) of Abi Baker, and that’s due to a number of Abi Bakers great grandsons in a gathering proclaimed amongst each other Honor titles, one of them said I am of the sons of AlSedeeq. Another said I am of the sons of Thani Ethnayn*, and another said I am of the son of “Sahib AlGhar”* and Mohammed Abdulrahman said I am son of Ibin Ateeq and to that title (Ateeq) he and those from his lineage where known to this day.”

*Thani Ethnayn (the second of two) and Sahib AlGhar (the Companion in the cave) is in reference to their grandfather, AlAteeq Abo Baker Alsideeq’s critical companionship of the Prophet Mohammed Allah’s blessings be upon him,  in his Hijra from Mecca to Madina during which they hid from the party searching for them in a small cave called “Ghar Hiraa”.

2. In the book “Kitab Al-Ansab” (the book of Lineages) by the Imam Abi-Sa’d Abdulkareem bin Mohammed bin Mansoor Al-Tameemi Al-Sam’ani whom passed away in 562 H, : “AlAteeqi are a group from Abi-Ateeq Al-Bakri’s (Abu-Baker’s) Lineage”, chapter 4, page 156.
a. Likewise was said by Al-Hafith ibin Tahir Al-Maqdasi, in his book “Al-Ansab Al-Mutafaqa” (Authentic/consensus lineages) in page 107.
b. In Al-Musanaf
c. Likewise was narrated by Ibin Al-Atheer in his book “Kitab Al-Lubab”

3. In the book “Jmharat Ansab Al-Arab” (“the collective” of Arab Lineages), ibin Hezim Al-Andalusi, says “Ibin Abi Ateeq who is Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Abi-Baker Al-Sideeq”.

4. In the book “Majalet Alnisab Fe  Alnasab wal Kuna wal Alalqab”(The Authentic in Genealogical Lineages, Titles and Aliases), Mustaqeem Zada whom passed away in 1202AH (1787), says:  “AlAteeqi as in “Al-Ah-T-key” (specifying pronunciation for accuracy) are to Ateeq a grandfather from the lineage of Abi-Baker Al-Sideeq Al-Ateeq”.

 5. In the works of Sherif Abu Allamah Al-Rassi of Yemen (d. 1044 AH-1634 AD). Abu Allamah is quoted  listing three Qurashi families who trace descendence to Abu Bakr Al-Siddique: Alateeqi, Al-Amoudi and Al-Samawi (Source: Al-Aghsan by Ali AbdulKarim Al-Fudhel). These families had strong presence in Yemen and Hijaz  centuries earlier. In the following decades, Alateeqi family moved eastward  and established themselves in several towns in central Arabian peninsula.

6. Shiekh Saleh bin Saif Alateeqi (1180AH/1766) wrote about himself in signing off the completion of a poem that summarizes the Islamic inheritance laws, saying: “written for himself by the weak and the poor (for Allah’s mercy) Allah’s servant, Saleh bin Saif bin Hamad bin Mohammed of the AlAteeqi lineage, the Najdi residence, and the Hanbali school of Islam”,  reinforcing the AlAteeqi family lineage to Al-Ateeq Abu-Baker Al-Sideeq may Allah be pleased with him. Document amongst the Shiekh’s remnants that were left over from his son Abdullah bin Saleh Alateeqi may Allah have mercy on both their Souls.

7. In the book Merchant Families of Kuwait by J.R.L. Carter (1984AD) he draws the family tree’s of two branches from the Alateeqi Family tree and says  “Of more consequence is the tradition that they descend from Atiq, who was the son of the brother of the first Caliph, Abu Baker ”; we take this opportunity to clarify that the Caliph Abu Baker may Allah be pleased with him did not have a brother and this seems to be a translation inaccuracy, as Atiq is the grandson of Abu Baker Al-Sideeq may Allah be pleased with him.


8. In the Book The Bakri Sideeqi Liniage, The History, Geneology, and Famous Personalities from the Liniage of Abu Bakr Al-Sideeq, by Ahmen Al-Deibasy AlBakri AlSideeqi, Cairo, 2014. And within it are biographies of several members of the Al-Ateeqi family

9. For other sources also see:

a. Dr. Ibrahim Alshuraify’s statement in the testimonials page.
b. “AlShareef” Abdullah Al-Husaini’s statement in the testimonials page.

c. “Alshareef” Hatim bin Ahmad Al-Abassi’s statement in the testimonials page

10. The book “Rijal fe Alzakera” (Men in our Memories) part  five, by Abdullah Zayed Al-Tuwayan, page 170, with regards to Alateeqi’s historic lineage “the old roots of this family go back to Quraish ” (The tribe of Abu Bakr Al-Sideeq)

11. The book “Muhsinon min Balady” (Charitable Persons from my Country) published by the House of Zakat for the state of Kuwait, under the editors consultant  Dr. Abdulmuhsin Alkhurafy, part three first edition page 71, the Alateeqi family lineage is stated to be from Abu Baker AlSideeq may Allah be pleased with him.

12. The book, AlAteeqi Family Tree, second edition (un-published) by Dr. Imad Mohammed Alateeqi from which the paternal chains are listed that are clarified in the family tree displayed in this site.

13. The AlAteeqi Lineage to AlAteeq Abu Baker AlSideeq was also inherited via Patrimonial means as testimonies are documented by:
(a) Current Head of Family His Excellency Abdulrahman Salem AlAteeqi (Find in photo Gallery for Micro Biography) from his father may Allah have mercy on his Soul .
(b) Mr. Mohammed from his father Shiekh Abdulaziz (find in Photo gallery for Micro Biography) bin Mohammed Alateeqi may Allah have mercy on both their souls.
(c) Mr. Dawood may Allah have mercy on his soul and Mr. Hamad sons of Mohammed bin Saleh Alateeqi from their eldest Brother Fahad bin Mohammed bin Saleh AlAteeqi.
(d) Mr. Khalid bin Abdullateef AlAteeqi from his father may Allah have mercy on both their souls.
(e) Mr. Musaad bin Saif from his grandfather Mohammed bin Saif AlAteeqi may Allah have mercy on his soul.

Likewise this lineage has a long list of Family member signatures too lengthy for this brief family history.