The beginning of Part II of Lubab Al-Ta’wil fi Ma’ani Al-Tanzil, also known as Tafsir Ibn Al-Khazin, which is catalogued as Manuscript No. 408 خ at the Library of the Ministry of Awqaf in Kuwait.


An endowment deed from Sheikh Saif Al-Ateeqi (Al-Atiqi), as written by his son Saleh, stating:

“Praise be to Almighty Allah. This part of Tafsir Ibn Al-Khazin, along with the part preceding it and the part following it, has been endowed by my father, Sheikh Saif Bin Hamad Al-Ateeqi, to the righteous amongst his children, then to their children, and so on, hoping for Allah’s reward. If no one amongst them has an interest in reading it (Allah forbid), then it is for the righteous amongst the Muslims to read. And Allah knows best.”

After this, it is written:

Allah’s humble servant, Sheikh Saleh Bin Saif Al-Ateeqi, naming the twenty-eight phases of the moon in a poem:

The poem is then presented as follows (in Arabic) and lists the various names of the phases:[1]

شَرطنا بُطيناً للثريا بدبرهم
وهقعةُ هنع والذراع وناثرُ

وطرفتهم معْ جبهةٍ ثم زبرةٍ
وصرفةُ عوَا والسماكُ و غافر

زبانا وإكليلٌ وقلبٌ وشولةٌ
نعائم بلدٌ ذابحٌ وهو سائرُ

كذا بلعٌ سعد السعود خبائهم
وقدم وأخر للرشا فهو آخرُ






This declaration from Sheikh Saleh Al-Ateeqi shows that he was the one who composed these famous verses about the twenty-eight phases of the moon. He was proud of the poem and penned it in more than one location, as can be seen in Manuscript No. 10. This shows that he was knowledgeable and educated about astronomy in addition to mathematics and other religious disciplines that he mastered.


[1] Note: Traditionally, the moon’s phases have been named and defined as follows:

1. Al-Sharatain (The Two Signs)

2. Al-Butain (The Belly)

3. Al-Thurayya (The Swarm)

4. Al-Dabaran (The Follower)

5. Al-Haqa (A White Spot)

6. Al-Hana (The Scar)

7. Al-Dhira (The Seed or The Branch)

8. Al-Nathrah (The Nursery)

9. Al-Tarf (The Gaze)

10. Al-Jabhah (The Forehead)

11. Al-Zubrah (The Mane of the Lion)

12. Al-Sarfah (The Changer of the Weather)

13. Al-Awwa (The Barker)

14. Al-Simak (The Unarmed)

15. Al-Ghafr (The Lid)

16. Al-Zubana (The Claws)

17. Al-Iklil (The Dome of the Head)

18. Al-Qalb (The Heart)

19. Al-Shaulah (The Sting)

20. Al-Na’am (The Dragon’s Head)

21. Al-Baldah (The City or District)

22. Sa’d al-Dhabih (The Fortunate Assassin)

23. Sa’d Bula (The Fortunate Aviator)

24. Sa’d al-Su’ud (The Wretched of the Wretched)

25. Sa’d al-Akhbiyah (The Star of the Dungeons)

26. Al Fargh al-Awwal (The Upper Hole of the Flask)

27. Al Fargh al-Thani (The Lower Hole of the Flask)

28. Batn al-Hut (The Belly of the Fish)