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Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Ateeqi

A student in amongst the first classes that enrolled in the Mubarakiya School under the modern educational curriculum after its official implementation in 1936 (Kuwait). After having practiced business for a short period he shifted his carrier to education where he became a teacher first at the Muthana school in Kuwait City in 1949, then in the elementary school in Fahaheel as one of the first group of teachers to work their including his father Sheikh Abdulaziz AlAteeqi (school director) and Sheikh Ahmed Almubarak.

He then was promoted to School director. After that he was transferred to the Ministry of Education to establish the Adult education program in 1966 to eliminate illiteracy. He is considered the pioneer of this Kuawiti State wide program. He also occupied position of Director for the schools of “Saif Aldawlah” and the Salmiyah Middle School for Boys. After decades of dedicated work in education he retired to pursue his business interests. He had three boys Abdullah, Dr. Imad, Dr. Awni and one girl named Efakat after her grandmother Efakat the granddaughter of Hasan Basha bin Murad Hemat Basha ruler of Mecca and Hijaz (1234-1232 AH)