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At the Hospitality Palace during a trip to Mekka and Madina

This photograph was taken at the Hospitality palace in the Madina “Almunawara” on the 15 of December 1978 (6 Muharam 1399), and from the they headed to Mecca for “Omra”. From the right: His Excellency Abdulrahman Salem AlAteeqi (as Kuwait’s Minister of Oil and Finance) His Royal Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah AlAhmad AlSabah (as Kuwait’s Minister of Exterior) His Royal Highness the late Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Saad AlAbdulla AlSabah(as Kuwait’s Crown Prince and Prime Minister) may Allah rest his Soul in Peace. His Excellency Abdulwahab Yousif AlNafisi (as Kuwait’s Minister of Trade ) Mr. Abdulaziz Mohamed AlOtaibi (As Kuwait’s General Secretary of Ministries) May Allah have mercy on his Soul. Dr. Abdulaziz AlKhuwaiter (Minister of Education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) They were greeted in Riyadh by His Royal Highness Prince Fahad Abdulaziz Al-Saud on the 12th of December and from Saudi Arabia to bahrain then Qatar then Abu Dhabi then Dubai then Ajman then Alsharja then Umm AlQuwain then Alfujaira then Ras Alkhaima.