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His Excellence Abdulrahman AlAteeqi and His Royal Highness Prince Charles

From the right His Excellence Abdulrahman AlAteeqi with His Royal Highness Prince Charles Phillip Crown prince of Great Britain. He Is Abdulrahman Salem Abdullah AlAteeqi advisor to His Royal Highness the Amir of Kuwait since 1981, he had previously served as Minister of Finance and Oil from 4th November 1967 till 1974, then Minister of Finance from 1974 till 1981, and previously had held position as director of police from 1956 till 1959 and director of health leaving it in 1961 to become the first ambassador of Kuwait to the United States until 1963 and the third deputy minister of foreign affairs from 1963 till 1967. He is also the Chairman of the Board of invest Corp bank, and previously the Chairman of the Board of bank of Bahrain and Middle East, and he is the founder and Head of the Kuwaiti Charity Organization for Care of the Handicapped.