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New: Manuscript articles uploaded, and previously had uploaded Biography of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Saif Bin Hamad Al-Ateeqi (Al-Atiqi) 

Hamad Abdulmuhsin AlAteeqi

Hamad Abdulmuhsin Ibraheem AlAteeqi, was one of Kuwait’s notable charity ambassadors known for his high religious and moral standing as well as his love for charitable causes.

He established both the AlAteeqi Mosque in the Shamiya Area of Kuwait City and “Alsubeekha” Mosque in Saudi Arabia; this is not unusual and historically appropriate as his grandfather was Sheikh Ibraheem Mohammed Sulaiman AlAteeqi the Judge of both Majma’a and Sudair areas of the Najd region in what it now part of Saudi Arabia whom passed away in 1315AH (1897AD). Hamad Abdulmuhsin passed away on 17 June 1969, may Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon them both.