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Nov 22, 2018: new: Manuscripts articles uploaded, and previously had uploaded Biography of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Saif Bin Hamad Al-Ateeqi (Al-Atiqi) 

Abdullateef Abdullah AlAteeqi

This photo is of Kuwaiti Businessmen in the 30’s taken during a trip to Bahrain and they are from the right: 1. Bader Mohammed AlSayer 2. Hamad Hilal AlMutairi 3. Fajhan Hilal AlMutairi 4. Mishari Hilal AlMutairi 5. Abdullateef Abdullah Mohammed AlAteeqi May Allah’s mercy be upon them All Note: within this gallery is an image for the mosque established by Abdullatteef’s Grandfather Mohammed and it was known as the “Mutran Mosque” reflecting the majority of its regulars being from the Mutairi tribe at the time. Image taken from website.