Sheikh Abdulaziz Mohammed Abdulaziz AlAteeqi, was advisor to King Abdulaziz AlSaud and advisor and Deputy ruler for Prince Faisal Abdulaziz AlSaud ruler of Mecca and AlHijaz during the critical years of establishing the kingdom. He was also member of the Alshurra (advisory) Council for the organization of establishing and organizing the foundations for rule over Hijaz. He participated as a member in the committee for the handing over the city of Jeddah after it was opened to King Abdulaziz AlSaud in 1344AH (1925AD). He is amongst the key leaders of the educational systems in several countries and has established and opened a school in AlMajma’a (in Najd region of current Saudi Arabia) and some of his students include Othman AlSaleh and Abdulaziz Al-Tuwaijri. He also was key and directly oversaw the establishment of the general educational system in Bahrain and was director of the Hidaya School the first school in Bahrain. There is also a an elementary school in Kuwait named after him in his honor, and one of his students in Kuwait is his Excellency Abdulrahman AlAteeqi (photo in this gallery). He also has many Islamic “Da’wa” trips to the Far east between Malawi, Indonesia and India where he met with many leaders such as Ghandi, Abu Alkalam Azad Shawkat Ali, Sheikh Sulaiman AlNadwi and Habeeb AlRahman AlShirawi. He passed Away in Kuwait in 1968 may Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon him.