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Welcome to the Alateeqi Family Website

The AlAteeqi family has a deeply rooted and well documented history of contributions that influenced historic and contemporary events in many fields. Therefore, it was deemed appropriate to create this website as a source of credible information that is required by scholars, researchers and  the general public interested in the scientific, economic, educational, Islamic, and political history of the Middle East and other regions influenced by events in this area.

This site aims at documenting the family’s history and in doing so making available its information resources by releasing periodical research articles about historic manuscripts, biographies and other AlAteeqi relics. Within these articles that describe the level of knowledge and achievements of many of its scholars and the events  they witnessed and participated in, is encouragement for all of humanity to seek knowledge, engage in charity and contribute to our collective human experience. All of which are values embedded in the core teachings of Islam, amongst which is learning genealogical lineage and family relations to promote social goodwill and other noble causes.

Note: Within are some never before made public manuscripts, and we invite our readers to use proper citation when using information collected from this site.

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