Within this section we offer the Biographies of some of the most influential members of the family’s history. These biographies are rich with sources and describe some of the conditions and circumstances as well as the events themselves that occurred at different times and places in the Middle East. Researchers are encouraged to use the information within using proper citation.

In addition to what has been published below, biographies are under preparation for Sheikh Mohammed bin Saif AlAteeqi, Sheikh Saleh bin Saif AlAteeqi, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Hamad AlAteeqi,  Mrs. Muneera “Begum” bint Abdulrahman bin Sheikh Saleh Alateeqi, Saif bin Mohammed bin Hamad AlAteeqi, Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Salem AlAteeqi,  Ahmad bin Mohammed bin Salem AlAteeqi, Abdulateef bin Abdullah bin Saleh AlAteeqi, Sheikh Ibraheem bin Mohammed bin Sulaiman AlAteeqi, Abdullah bin Hamad bin Abdulmuhsin AlAteeqi, Sayf bin Ali bin Abdulmohsen Al-Ateeqi, Abdullatif bin Ali bin Abdulmohsen Al-Ateeqi, Mohammed bin Saleh bin Mansoor Alateeqi, and His Excellency Abdulrahman bin Salem bin Abdullah AlAteeqi


Sheikh Saleh Bin Saif Al-Ateeqi (Al-Atiqi) – His Life and Poetry

Sheikh Saleh was born in the town of Harmah, Sudair, in the year 1163 AH. His family traces its lineage back to Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (may Allah be pleased with him), who was from the tribe of Taym, a sub-clan of the tribe of Quraysh, and was known as “Al-Ateeq” (which has various meanings, including “noble” or “one who is saved”).


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